Must Install Movietube4.4 App On Your Phone


These days, almost every people are affectionate towards watching movies, isn’t it? In this world, where Smartphone’s are an important part of one`s life, will it not be amazing to have a mobile app which can show you numerous movies online whether old or new? If you are in search for such an application then without delay, download the MovieTube app on your Smartphone.


What is a MovieTube?

Are you fond of watching movies? Yes, you might be fond of watching movies because movies are such a thing, which can be watched by you anywhere and anytime. So, are you in search of the best online movie site from where you can watch your favorite movies? If yes, then your search for the best place ends here. It is because; there is a wonderful site from where you will get to watch every kind of movies such as horror, comedy, romantic, drama, thriller or suspense or any other inspiring movies.

If you are willing to watch these kinds of movies, then you can consider about visiting MovieTube. Do you know what is it? A MovieTube is an online movies site, where you can easily watch or download any kind of movies for free and also in the HD quality. Have you ever visited this place to watch your beloved movies? If no, then please go ahead with it.

Some amazing features of this wonderful app

Unquestionably at present, it is one of the finest applications to watch movies online on your phone or tablet or any other device. Some features which had made it popular are:

movietube-mac (1)

  • It supervises free full movies in 18 languages along with some popular TV series.
  • 120,000+ headings.
  • Aspects in Hollywood BluRay movies, Google Doc 720p movies, YouTube 1080p movies, hottest TV series and more.

Separately from all these you can also amend the quality of HD movies and per your need and could choose the language of subtitles as per your choice. There is a feature of creating playlists so that you can watch movies at the ongoing basis on the MovieTube 4.4 app.

Big Butt and how to go about it?


Before jumping into asking as how to get a bigger butt size and jumping into it there are few things that you should bear in mind to have good shaped booty. The drill to start with increasing your butt size is that your butt is made up of gluteal muscles which comprise gluteus medius, gluteus minimus and gluteus maximus. These muscles are covered with a layer of fat. It is because of these muscles that you are able to stabilize yourself, climb stairs, squat and stand upright from sitting position. When these muscles are enlarged they give an athletic, sexy and firm shape to your butt. It is basically hypertrophy in the glute muscles that makes your butt firm, big and round. With proper training to increase the muscle size will give you the perfect butt size. The amount of fat around your glutes determines the appearance of your butt; just like your abs surrounded with body fat. Many people believe that reducing weight to decrease the layer of fat clinging to your behind is a prerequisite for a well shaped booty. It is reported that in US an average men has 28% and women have 40% body fat. The healthy range of body fat would lie somewhere between 22-33% and 11-22% for women and men respectively. It is important to understand that you must keep a balance between consistent weight loss and not losing weight too quickly or starving yourself that you always remain hungry, or drooped of energy or tired to get along with regular workouts. It is recommended that you eat more while you are working on getting a curvier behind. You should eat quality calories above and beyond your normal intake of calories. It is better you start with daily intake of 250 to 500 supplemental calories. You should consume enough calories and get ample amount of sleep, which is when your body recovers and muscles are built. You should consume carbohydrates and proteins right after your workout. A fruit or fish or protein shake should suffice but it is better to eat whole foods rather than stick to protein bars and protein shakes.


Exercising and cardio are very crucial while dealing with your glutes. Diet aces have often stated that exercises that are hard on your metabolism, legs, flexibility or lungs do not really mean that they would work wonders for the growth of your glutes. Praising, pilates or yoga for the development of glutes would be an overstatement. Exercises that hit the target i.e. the glutes will give you best results. For example high intensity cardio like hill repeats and stair sprints are must for shedding fat. Choosing your cardio activity and making your cardio do triple duty to burn fat will be challenging to your cardiovascular health will develop your glutes and get them firing. It is suggested that rookies or people who spend a lot of time sitting should start off with easy body weight exercises. They will be difficult enough to strengthen your glutes but not so challenging that you are unable to perform them.


It is recommended that glute bridges and hip thrusts are best to begin with. You have to first have a knack at performing the movements and moving ahead with higher reps and sets and avoid jumping on to more difficult bodyweight movements such as single-leg glute bridges and single-leg hip thrusts. Do not conform your glute training to a single exercise and perform a wide array of exercises of body weight movements, resistance bands addition, using dumbbells, lunges, squats, barbells, or machines at the gym, deadlifts or back extensions, walks etc. Squats as a part of your butt enlarging exercise are must but their inclusion in the embiggening of butt is overrated as they are not alone sufficient for the development of glute. If you are comfortable in performing squats you should make them more challenging to work your glutes. Each session should target your glute training exercises that. You must begin and end each workout with exercises working your glute. Enhanced exposure to your glute will give that body part to grow more. Your warming up exercises should start with bodyweight glute turning on exercises followed by doing the main part of your workout and then ending with single-leg movements like glute bridge, lunges, or split squats.

It’s Time To Invest Upon Wonderful Condo

Incredibly beautiful and appealing, parc Riviera is well liked for number of reasons but buyers like them as they are close to shopping centers like 321 Clementi and Clementi Mall. But closeness to shopping centers is not the only reason why parc Riviera is preferred so much. Buyers also thinking about its nearness to eminent business district Jurong East. As Jurong East is one upcoming business district with unbelievable potential so transport options will be plenty and chances are there, soon High speed Railway Terminus emerges out assuring fastest transportation.


This Terminus is going to be situated at Jurong East. With such options, traveling to places will be easier and convenient. So if you are thinking about buying parc riviera condo, be rest assured that its location is so beneficial that moving to different places of Singapore is really convenient.  Schools like Japanese Kindergarten, The Japanese secondary school, Qifa primary school.

Wonderful construction

Parc Riviera is the brainchild of reputed developer who is having profound expertise and knowledge. These condos are sold at competitive pricing so it is possible for the buyers to buy some of the condos whose unique layout is compatible to accommodate varying lifestyle requirements. Here the facilities and amenities like Hot Tub, Clubhouse, Exercise Room, Pool, Kids Entertainment Room are provided where the units are facing towards Pandan Reservoir. Well-known associations, which include Anglo Chinese School and Japanese Secondary School, are not far away from these condos. While talking about the home type here one will be getting 1, 2, 3, & 4 bedroom condos where in some places dens are available.


The rooms are spacious and balconies are oversized. Windows are double pane, here insulation between the studs are provided where an additional layer of drywall is offered with plywood addition. Between the floors there is cement flooring. Parking stalls are offered with communal bike lockers. What is called healthy living you will understand once you start dwelling here, from air conditioning to geothermal heating everything is accessible, front load washer to dryer, snug carpets in bedrooms are also here, for privacy roller shades are accommodated.

Kitchen and bathroom

If you are little bit fussy about kitchen parc Riviera will offer you luxurious quartz counter tops, glass tile back splash, sonetto single bowl kitchen sink, soft-close cabinets and many more are there. You will definitely be mesmerized. If you want to relax in one of the luxurious bathroom as large format imported porcelain tile flooring is offered with grohe faucets, shower and tub fixtures

Philosophy And Wisdom

Philosophy is a Greek word which itself is made up of two words, “Philo” and “Sophy”. These words combine to form the literal meaning of philosophy i.e. “love of حكمة”. It is the study and investigation of the truths and principles of existence and knowledge. Since times immemorial, there have been a number of philosophers, for instance – Plato, Aristotle, Descartes and several others who have contributed immensely in the advancement of the study of philosophy.

Close up of Chinese Writing Brush, focus on the brush.

The term philosophy was coined by Pythagoras probably. Astronomy, arts, politics, medicine, physics, sociology, linguistics etc all were once encompassed by philosophy. Philosophy is considered to be synonymous with any body of knowledge. Traditionally there are three branches of philosophy namely, natural philosophy, moral philosophy and metaphysical philosophy. However, today, this division has changed. Natural philosophy has been further divided into astronomy and various other natural sciences. Moral philosophy consists of social sciences and value theories. Metaphysical philosophy consists of epistemology i.e. study of knowledge, cosmology, mathematics and others.


Since, the existence of philosophy, there has been no significant progress in it. Several debates that started centuries ago are still in continuation and with no chances of ending soon. Philosophers specialize in one or more than one historical periods which are related to a specific period, individual or school. The questions first raised were those of the cause of the origin and existence of the universe. Greek philosophy, which is pursued even till today, was being formulated and unified. Plato founded the Academy of Athens which was a school of philosophy and used Socratic methods to examine and deal with problems. Then, next was Medieval philosophy which was marked by renaissance and Hellenistic philosophy which were related to the existence of God, faith, religion etc. And the latest is Modern Philosophy which focuses on the foundations of knowledge.

Philosophy helps us greatly in understanding the relation between the nature of mind and body. It has made us understand that things in themselves existed independently and out of our judgements and perceptions, as Immanuel Kant has also formulated. Today, philosophy has also become a part of the popular culture. There are several books and publications which publish books and essays specifically for common people to broad their understanding of the subject. Also, movies such as The Matrix, Star War movies also helped a great deal that philosophy became a part of the popular culture. To get to know more about it, give yourself a read of something related to philosophy.

Suicide Squad Online

I’m pretty sure we are pretty excited about the Suicide Squad movie. The quirky and thrilling trailers have charged everyone up and all of my people are planning to hit the movie theaters as soon as the movie releases on the 4th of August, this year. This is one of the first movies of its kind and is an extension on the DC World. Directed and written by David Ayer, this movie has very well-known faces like Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Carla Delvingne. This movie also sports Ben Affleck as Batman, the Dark Knight who wreaks fear amongst all the bad guys of Gotham. This movie hasn’t really taken out any of its secrets but we can still guess the storyline a bit from its trailers.maxresdefault

Suicide Squad, distributed under the name of Warner Bros and you can watch suicide squad in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D, is an action thriller based on characters from the DC Comics by John Ostrander. It’s an anti-hero movie where super villains are recruited to save the world! Yeah you heard that right, the intelligence agency headed Amanda Waller by decides on forming a team to execute some covert operation. The world faces great threat from nan unknown source, a source that no one knows of, a source that can’t be fought by the general law enforcers. So the Intelligence agency headed by a firm and decisive head, takes one of the most risky decisions of their lives. They are going to free the prisoners that they had spent a lifetime capturing to save the world. Pretty intimidating right? Well most of these prisoners were caught by Batman and were put behind the bars of Belle Reve Prison. They are ruthless killers and are kept on a tight leash by putting explosives on them that will detonate if they ever take a wrong step. The ruthless super villains are also promised decreased sentences if the task force is successful. Use evil to fight evil, pretty nasty right?

To be honest after the last trailer, I’m very charged up for the movie. If you haven’t watched then the last trailer features Batman chasing Joker and Harley Quinn together. Harley Quinn who has always been very fascinated with the Joker gets rocketed into the river due to a collision during the chase and the Joker gets away. Batman then jumps into the river to save Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie. Sources close to the production have said that this movie is going to show the great superhero, Batman in a completely new light. We were used to seeing as the caped crusader vigilante determined to rid Gotham of all it’s leaches but according to the production a new angle has been added to the movie. This movie has portrayed Batman as the only living being , all the criminals in Gotham are scared of and his name wreaks fear in the mind of the villains. In a matter of speaking we can say that Batman is the bad guy in the anti hero movie with the super villains as the good guys.task-force-x

Jared Leto who is playing the role of the Joker in the movie and has to live up-to the legacy of Heath Ledger has been drawing to headlines to himself. He was so serious about his role that it is said that he never broke character during the shoot of the entire movie and did freaky stuff like send bullets and rats as gifts to his co stars. Not breaking character during the entire time, Wow! Those will be some high standards for his co stars to live up-to. Will Smith went as far to saying that he never knew the real Jared Leto. That’s how deep Jared Leto had dived in his character! Man this movie better be good or else I’ll he more disappointed than my parents were about my future.

Pretty crazy right? Can’t wait? Well I can’t wait to watch Margot Robbie adorning the role of Harley Quinn and she is been the standout in all the trailers till now. After her successful venture with Martin Scorsese in Wolf of Wall street, it will feel pretty different to watch her playing the role of an acrobatic, psychopath super villain. And guess what she has pulled off most of the stunts in the movie by herself according to her director. What a crazy team! The heat is building up so much. I can’t wait, can you?

An Importance of Healthy diet plan

A healthy diet plan is based on a balanced diet, which includes intake of fat, proteins and carbohydrates. A diet plan stimulates the body and does everything to burn fat within the body in a much easier way. A health care professional must also be consulted for getting a healthy diet plan, which is framed for benefit of individuals and are designed to improve their body and its systems.125591-2

Out of various plans available in market, it is important for the consumer to make sure that correct plan is chosen out of all the plans. One of the popular plans is 21 day fix extreme plan which plays a dominant role and have provides new and innovative methods to people all over the world. This plan was introduced in the market by an amazing lady Autumn Calabrese who created this program and has also successfully entered into various ventures like bikini contests and also has a fitness centre.

Why reviews are helpful?

21 day fix review can be referred to understand more about the plan and also to know response of the users towards the program. According to the reviews, it seems the program has surpassed all other plans and has provided consumers with a complete solution for benefit and well being of people. So, users can now lose weight, keep their body fit, in shape and toned which are the key ways of staying healthy.

For those who are following this plan can be sure that they are following a genuine plan out of all the plans available in the market and will not cause any harmful effect to the body. However, it is important for the consumer to make sure that they follow the plan religiously to get best results out of the same and achieve results, which is in the form of healthy body and mind.

Users practicing the plan are recommended to abide by the instructions to ensure that every exercise is done in a correct way to have effective results. With repeated practice and workouts, metabolism rate in your body increases burning your calories at a much faster pace giving you desired results. Concentrating on extensive and varying needs of users, this program also comes along with a ten-minute abs exercise, which can be followed to strengthen the body and give users the strongest and best abs possible. Hence, consumers willing to have a fit body should opt for the plan to have desired results.

Invest In Real Estate At Heidelberg

There are a number of benefits that you can get from investing in real estate in Heidelberg, however it is very essential to find the right kind of property to invest and while you will see a number of postings online it is always better to contact the right immobilienmakler in heidelberg.What-to-Look-For-When-Hiring-a-Real-Estate-Agent

Real estate agents help you find properties that fit your budget. When you look for properties independently, there’s a lot you need to consider and you often miss out on important things that matter. When you hire real estate agents to do this for you, they help you with everything and all you need to do is select the perfect property. The best part about hiring real estate agents is that you do not need to worry about their payments till you find the right property to invest in. There are a number of real estate agents in Heidelberg who can help you in narrowing down your selection and helping you find the right property based on your requirements. Investing in real estate is a great option that comes with a number of benefits. With the right agent, you will manage to reap the benefits in the best possible manner.Happy Attractive Hispanic Woman Holding Sold Sign In Front of House.

Benefits Of Investing In Real Estate

Regular Cash Flow: This is one of the biggest benefits of investing in real estate. While paying your mortgage takes away a major chunk of your earnings, most people give the property on rent and the earnings from the rent makes up for paying the mortgage payments. The more properties you have, the more rent you earn from them making it easy to pay monthly mortgage payments. This gives you a large chunk of your monthly income to spend on other necessities.

Tax Benefits: Investing in real estate gives you tax benefits in many countries. Putting the property up for rent can also provide tax rebate for the tenants living there as well. This provides a twofold benefit.

Real estate prices might not always go up, but the right real estate agents in Heidelberg will help you select properties in areas that are valuable and will reap you benefits in the long run. The value of the property you invest in will always increase over the years and if you select property in the right location, you can always consider renting the property to gain more profits.

Pokemon Go – The Fastest Recognition Gaining Game Ever

Pokémon Go is a famous location based game developed by Niantic. The game was published by the Pokémon company on July 6, 2016 as a part of Pokémon franchise. The game is specially designed to work on android and iOS platforms. The game belongs to the augmented reality genre that means it is live i.e. the player will feel like he is in the world of Pokémon only.pokemon-go pokemon-go

The very first choice for the player after logging into the game is to create his own character i.e. the avatar. It will have the dress, colour, hairstyle everything according to the players’ choice only. Then this created avatar is shown on a map with nearby surroundings. The map has locations indicated for PokeStops and Pokémon gyms. The movement of player in reality will make the avatar move accordingly in the map. Pokémon can be found anywhere in augmented reality mode. The player has to find as many number of Pokémon’s as much it can. The found Pokémon’s will come under the players’ ownership. After the Pokémon is captured, the player is awarded with candies and stardust. These can be used to increase the Pokémon combat power. Candies are used for levelling up in the game. The final aim of the game is to get entry inside the Pokedex by capturing 151 numbers of Pokémon’s. There is also a criteria for gaining experience points by rising up the level every time. When at level five, the player can join  one out of three teams, red, blue or yellow.

Within 24 hours of release, the game topped the App Store and the Google play leaving behind even Clash Royale and within one week it estimated over 15 million of downloads. The game became popular among the android users in a very short period of time.

However, the game received mixed reviews. On one side, the critics praised the different features of the game but on the other hand the found several technical issues. The game even led to accidents and public nuisance at various places.

The few Pokemon go tips includes to catch every nearby Pokémon found so that more candies and stardust can be earned. The augmented reality should be turned off as it makes it harder to catch a Pokémon. Pokeballs should be used carefully. The player should keep a watch that the network doesn’t get disconnected while the game is on. The above mentioned tricks will make it easier for a player to level up in the game.

Investing In The Right Property In Singapore

Marina One residences are a different class of luxurious living. It is one of the most iconic cosmopolitan city structure located in the heart of New Marina South Residences District. Marina One is definitely one of the most anticipated development projects in Singapore. The fact that this project has won so many prestigious awards before being open to the public is proof that there is none other like Marina One in Singapore. The Marina One complex has won awards such as the Best Mixed Use Development award, the Best Mixed Use Architecture award and the Best High Rise Architecture award. Marina One residences are located in one of the most prime locations in Singapore. It is at the heart of the Marina Bay. The residents of the Marina One will have easy access to some of the most famous buildings in Singapore such as the Singapore Flyer, the Marina Bay Sands, the Gardens by the Bay and the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay. The Marina One residences offer the best luxurious facilities that include a massive pool with spa seats, Teppanyaki terraces, an aqua gymnasium, a wine room, a Jacuzzi and an amazing playground for children. Marina One offers the best living in Singapore and takes the lifestyle to completely different level. Marina One residences offer convenience and various entertainment options for all the residents.real-estate-l Marina One Residences is located in a prime location in Singapore. The complex is being constructed in the heart of the Marina Bay and CBD district which is well connected with all the amenities that you need on a daily basis. Traveling from this location is easy and it is also close to 3 MRT stations and 4 major MTR lines. It is also connected with the Downtown Station and the Shenton Way Station. While most residential complexes use up all the space to construct residential blocks, the Marina One Residences has paid equal importance to the greenery that will surround the complex which is why it comes with a park like feel throughout the complex. It also has a massive Garden area which is called the ‘Green Heart’. This is one of the main elements of the Marina One Residences.simple_ways_to_invest_in_real_estate

Marina One offers amazing facilities at every doorstep. This takes away the need to drive for hours just to get to a place of recreation of entertainment. Unwinding after a tiring day at work is easy in the green landscape. Residents can also relax in the lap of greenery and spend time with family and loved ones in amazing ‘green lung’ gardens sprawling across 6000 square meters. Residents will also spending time in the biodiversity gardens as an option for recreation. The best part of the Marina One project is the integration of soft landscape with the fabric of the structure. This is called ‘The Green Heart’. This elevated public garden sits between all four high rise towers and creates an amazing transition between planted landscape and architecture. Marina One is the only residential complex that boasts of being the only central location with greenery at its core. Some people even call it the ‘New York of Asia’. The Marina One is built keeping green designs in mind and offers green space of over 65,000 square feet.

This 34 storey apartment building consists of 5 kinds of apartments which include 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroom homes and penthouses as well. There are a total of 1042 apartments available at the Marina One Residencies that are currently available, however considering the demand for these homes; they will be booked very soon. Marina One is developed by M + S Private Limited. This is a joint venture between Temasek Holdings and Khazanah Nasional. Khazanah is a Government of Malaysia investment holding fund that has been entrusted to manage and hold the commercial assets of the government. It is also entrusted with undertaking strategic investments. Some of the key listings that are part of Khazanah’s investment portfolio include Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Telekom Malaysia Berhad, CIMB Group, PLUS Expressway Berhad, Proton Holdings Berhad, Malaysia Airlines System Berhad, Axiata Group Berhad, UEM Land Holdings Berhad, Time dotcom Berhad and many more.


The History Of Towels

Unctuous, elegance, myriad are the words that describe a peshtemal which is popularly known as Turkish towel in the world. As the name suggests, Turkish towels are a product of the rich cotton grown in Turkey and the robust method of handpicking the cotton is what which imparts the topmost echelon to Turkish Towels in the global textile and apparel industry. The history of Turkish towels can be traced back to Turkish hammams. Hammams or bathhouses strike a chord with Roman Empire spread across Europe, East Mediterranean and North Africa and was made renowned by this empire.

The hammams were the place frequently visited by mothers to look for prospective brides. According to ancient traditions of Ottoman Turkey when a couple is about to get married, they would gift each other a bath set or hammam including the towel. The Turkish towels were proportionately long enough to be draped around the body consisting of towels for different body parts like the shoulder, head, hips and served the purpose of hammam because they did not become hefty after absorbing the water and remained light.

Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset

The Ottoman dynasty of sultans can be considered as the harbingers of the crafty Turkish towel industry. The Ottomans in the 17 century weaved their phenomenal carpet-making skills and their dexterity into a solid fabric of Turkish or Terry Towel or Turkish fabric business. The economical, flexible and skilled subjects of the Empire worker brought new intricacies, designs and colour into towel making. The demand for these towels increased over the next century thereby making the first looped towel which was called havly.

The weavers found that a loop could be made by the use of second warp thread and piercing it into the below surface of the towel which was then closed in the place along the length of the warp by using a shuttle. With the increase in looping threads havly was almost covered in loops and this marked the commencement of the use of modern day towels. These towels have gained fame around the world because the cotton sown in the soil of Anatolia or hand-loomed from the Black Sea or Aegean regions is turned into yarn and manually woven, washed, dried and made into soft, light and highly absorbing and exquisite Turkish towels. They take up small space and therefore can be easily folded and stashed into any place with space constraints. The cotton grown in Turkey is primarily upland type which does the jugglery act of having the elements of quality, cost, fibre strength, absorbency and staple length very well.

Turkey has become a global competitor in the production of towels and the exports have augmented on both volume and value parameters. Turkish towels have carved a niche for themselves with regard to the use of embroidery and jacquard technology and lace handicraft. These towels have always been the feather in the cap of Turkish labourers for the amazing motifs of stripes and colour which have found their way into contemporary living style. The towel hub is mainly centred in Istanbul, Usak, Bursa, Izmir and Denizli.


The city of Denizli is majorly anchored by the towel manufacturing sector. The Aegean cotton of Denizli is thought to finesse when the quality of cotton is questioned. The transformation of this cotton into towels gives excellent softness, warmth and absorbency. Turkish towels are yearned for their ease of drying, for its tendency to become softer with subsequent laundering and its adorned hems. Often called simple luxury, the Turkish towels made of lines, cotton, bamboo and silk have expanded their use from bathrobes to hand or dish towels and to shoulder wrap. The can also be used as furniture covers as they can grace any room with a Bohemian tinge and can be casually used to cover the furniture with its beautiful fabric.

They also work wonders when used as bed runners. Their colourful lines and embroidered edges can complement the other beddings of the bed and enhance the look of the bed leaving you with touch of softest fabric.  Owing to their ample size they can be used as beach towels, sarongs, baby blanket and scarf and as holiday gifts.


Free Fake Calls

Since the invention of telephones, there has been an increase in fake calls and prank calls. A fake call is a prank call which may be seen as a practical joke through a telephone. These fake calls may be for several purposes such as fun, amusing time pass or sometimes it may also be for the purpose of irritating and threatening the victim.

Today, it is an era of science and technological advancement. The use of internet has become really common and is available to the common people as well. And so, with this advancement has also increased its adverse effects by certain wicked elements of the society. One such easy way of the miss use of the advancement is fake calls. However, it may also be for fun purposes only and no serious offences may be intended. There are various applications as well as websites which are specifically designed for giving free fake call for anyone who desires to do so. Though these sites, you may disguise your caller id and change your voice. Spooftel, covert calling, caller id faking etc are such applications.


Very famous and eminent personalities are known to have to become a victim to these calls, Queen Elizabeth II and Fidel Castro to name a few. The callers of these fake calls may take several steps in order to maintain anonymity. They may use payphones also in order to hide their real identity, but as payphones are gradually decreasing in number, it is becoming less common. Also, another option is using some form of VoIP and PRI lines with certain services, the number does not exist and hence it becomes really difficult to trace the source of such fake calls. These spoofing services work similar to prepaid calling cards and the call arrives at the receiver with the number chosen by the caller. However, the trend of caller id spoofing has also been used by law – enforcement agencies and some government agencies for some legal matters.


So, the above written paragraphs about fake calls are just introductory and very basic. In order to learn more about these calls, you must refer to the internet and should help yourself to be safe and secure from the adverse effects of these calls. However, for fun purposes, you may yourself try one of those applications and make fool of your friends and enjoy the prank (wink, wink).