How To Install APK files On Your Android Smartphone

There are so many applications on the Internet for the android operating system and you will never know all of them. There are also many applications of dubious quality that do not deserve any recognition. To install an app is simple and easy, as it requires only a few taps on your smartphone screen. However, you are not always able to access the Internet with a phone which prevents you from installing apps on Google play store as it requires a connection.

install-apk-files-androidHowever, Google Play store does not contain all the apps. For my particular use, I have to resort to installing APK files directly as my favorite program for movie streaming as ShowBox App is not found on Google Play store and needs to be installed independently.

- How to install APK files
If your smartphone already has a file manager, you can use it to install APK files directly on your phone, and this does not need the Internet. If it does not, you can easily install a good file manager on Google Play Store. ES File Explorer is a very good file manager, much superior to the default android one.

Before you can install an APK, you need to go to settings and disable “install from trusted sources” and also have a rooted phone. There are many tutorials online that we show you how to root your phone, and there should be one regardless of model you have. With a rooted phone, a whole world of possibilities opens in front of you. You can now install applications that are not found in Google Play Store. You can even install cracked premium apps without paying for them.

Bear in mind, though, that depending from which company you bought your smartphone, rooting your device will void your warranty. Most companies frown upon rooting devices, as many times users end up bricking their phones. This is something to keep in mind and you bear full responsibility if anything happens. However, rooting is relatively safe if done correctly. I suggest you follow the instructions religiously for your particular model to avoid any problems.

images (3)Once your phone is rooted, there are two ways to install an APK.

- Method 1:
Simply connect your smartphone to your computer with your USB cable. Your smartphone should appear on your computer. Then download the APK file directly on your computer. Once it has downloaded, drag and drop the fire on your smartphone icon. It will now be copied to it. Now open your file manager in your smartphone and locate the APK file. Tap on it to open and it will automatically install. (I had to use this method once, and my smartphone’s wifi antenna got busted and refused to connect to the Internet)

- Method 2:
This method is much faster. Given that you have a rooted phone, simply download the APK file and open it on your smartphone itself. Once you found the file with your file manager, you can open it and it will ask you for superuser access. This is a requirement for all rooted phones. Don’t worry.

- Conclusion
So there you have it. You can now install millions of applications for free on your smartphone by simply installing their APK.

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What Makes ShowBox One Of The Best Android Apps For Streaming Moves and TV Shows

If you are currently looking for the best app for streaming movies and TV shows on your Android device, Showbox app is definitely what you should be going for next.This amazing can be used to stream movies, TV shows. The best part, it allows users to download all types of movies both old and new production in a precisely selected quality. Here is what makes this app worth checking out.

Tons of content :

With this app, you will never miss what to watch. There is an insane amount of content. This app offers a catalog packed with tons of high-profile content and you can both stream online and download then for offline viewing. At the end, if you are currently into movies or you just love watching you favorite TV show at your free time, you will definitely find something of worth.

Easy to use :

Looking at the way this app has been designed, it is evident, the creators wanted to give the users one of the simplest apps to use. The interface and UI is easy to navigate. In short, it is not one of those applications that will take you days and or even weeks to figure how to use. From the design to how this app works, it is safe o say it just right every sense.

Easy to download and install :

When it comes to installation process, you do not need to have some technical skills to pull through the entre process. It just takes a few minutes to download, install and have it running on your phone.

Overall, this movies and TV shows streaming app for Android is truly a blessing to the industry. If you love TV, then this is the kind of application you should be installing on your Android device next. It is a standout application among the most amusing applications to watch TV shows and movies.

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